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Thanks for visiting my official website. I currently serve as the Registrar of Lumbini Buddhist University and have experience overseeing the academic and administrative operations of the institution. My conscientious but aggressive approach is influenced by my experience in resource management, contemporary education, academic practices, and account management.

We strongly believe that milestones should be met by deadlines. Nothing but persistence will do. We have an unbreakable objective and vision for the development of higher education in Buddhist literature, art, and culture.

organisational and analytical capabilities

High achieving management professional possessing excellent communication,
organisational and analytical capabilities, who creates strategic alliances with
organisational leaders to effectively align with and support key organisational strategic

Strong strategic planner

Strong strategic planner possessing a solid understanding of accounting, fiscal
planning and anlaysis and financial reporting who builds and retains high performance
team by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals.

Budgeting Expertise and Analysis

Long Experience in budgeting and finance management of University and higher Education co-operating with internal and external sources of income and required plans for upcoming fiscal year

My Involvement.

‘गुमनाम’ लुम्बिनी विश्वविद्यालय चम्काएका डा.तिलकराम


‘मुस्ताङमा बौद्ध परम्परा अध्ययनका लागि अनुसन्धान केन्द्र स्थापना गर्न लागिएको छ’- निमत्त उपकुलपति


डा. तिलक आचार्य, जसले गुमनाम विश्वविद्यालयलाई विदेशी विद्यार्थी समेत पढ्ने थलो बनाए


लुम्बिनी बौद्ध र भारतको सिद्धार्थ विश्वविद्यालयबीच सहकार्य सम्झौता


लुम्बिनीका ‘कुलमान’ : जसको मेहनतले चम्किँदैछ बौद्ध विश्वविद्यालय


‘जहाँ विद्यार्थी, त्यहीँ परीक्षा’ : यस्तो छ लुम्बिनी बौद्ध विश्वविद्यालयको ‘डोर टु डोर मेथड’

लुम्बिनी बौद्ध विश्वविद्यालय पूर्णसरकारी स्वामित्वमा आयो


पत्रकारिता छाडेर बुद्धिजममा पिएचडी गरेका आचार्य, भन्छन् ‘नेपालका शासकले बुद्धिजम बुझेनन्’


My Plans for strengthening LBU.

Lumbini Buddhist University is the ideal location for an academic center that offers Buddhist studies solidly grounded in an international environment since it successfully blends Eastern culture and tradition with all the vitality of an ultra-modern and global civilization.

A wide range of Buddhist studies are available at the undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate levels at Lumbini Buddhist University. A group of eminent Buddhist scholars from around the world teach our courses on social applicability, Indian Buddhism, Chinese Mahayana, Buddhist Canonical languages, and other topics.

We think that the educational offerings we provide add a fresh perspective to the study of Buddhism. The traditional method of education is centered on the study of sacred books and their commentaries, which was primarily carried out in monasteries and specialized institutions. Our seminars go far beyond this by providing fresh viewpoints on a wide range of other topics that aren’t usually related to the study of religion. Students will have the chance to study Buddhism not just as a religion but also as a philosophy, an ethics system, and in terms of metaphysics through these programs. Also, they will be of interest to people who want to understand more about the international academic studies being done on the interaction between science and Buddhism.

Through a fundamental understanding of Buddhist teachings, the programs will enable students to develop better minds and life-management skills. In particular, our research programs leading to the award of Ph.D. degrees provide participants with the opportunity to explore how Buddhist teachings may add a new dimension to the science of the human psyche and how their application may enhance effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.

We believe that Lumbini Buddhist University uniquely combines an Eastern culture and tradition with all the dynamism of an ultra-modern and cosmopolitan society and therefore provides the perfect setting for an academic center that offers Buddhist studies set firmly in an international context.

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